Brain-Smashing Calculation game



System:iPhone 3G /iPod touch
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Your objective is to destroy the Cells approaching from bottom of the screen. You can remove by touching 3 Cells that come to 10.
How to Play
Score and the Stage Clear gauge

The round ends when the bar is filled.

Quake Bar

You can cause a “QUAKE” when

the QUAKE Bar is charged.
The Quake bar is charging as the

time passes.

Gear Button

Touch here to
pause the game
and open the
setting window.

FF(Fast-Forward) Zone

Touch below the screen to add cells quickly.


To remove the cells

Select three cells that comes to 10.By removing the Cells in bigger triangle, you can get more higher points. Let's make big triangle!

Stage Clear

Removing the Cells, the Energy bar is charged. The round ends when the Energy Bar is filled.

Game over

Additional the Cells are floating up from the bottom of the screen. The game is over when the Cells reaches the top of the screen.


If you remove the Cells in isosceles trianglar or rectangular trianglar shape, you can get the bonus points.


You can cause a “QUAKE” when the QUAKE Bar is charged. If you caused the“QUAKE” by shaking iPhone, you can float the accumulated Cells.

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